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Message from the Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Enlightco AG, my responsibility is to ensure the company’s day-to-day and strategic long term management is in line with our corporate plans and in agreement with the board of direction that has elected me.

I have seen Enlightco AG grow from concept stage up until today where it is a fully AG compliant and audited company with millions of euros in revenues for the year 2017 and beyond. From concept stage until today, where we are working with internationally recognized names, Enlightco AG has learned so many lessons in how to perfect our light and also how to correctly and responsibly scale the company so it can achieve its full potential. I am thankful to say that today we are a market leader in our field on various aspects of our technology and very excited about the immense growth the company is undergoing. My management team are also industry leaders and bring a tremendous amount of experience and results with them, which further allows me to drive the company to really excel. I have no doubt that the years to come will see Enlightco become an internationally recognized name, with incredible growth in sales and corporate valuation. Our plans to continue to commit to R&D as a light Technology company, will allow us to continue to stay ahead of any alternative light solution, allowing us to maintain market leadership position for a sustained period. I believe that Enlightco AG has created the future of light and is slowly becoming a noticeable industry disruptive technology company in an industry worth over 100 billion dollars a year – this puts the company and its Shareholders in a very exciting position.

Christoph Thalner, CEO

Christoph Thalner CEO
Mario Stolz Legal Counsel
Michel Caravina Head of Production