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Message from the Management Team

Dear fellow Stakeholders, this message is for all our key stakeholders, including fellow employees, clients, business partners, shareholders, suppliers, government regulators and communities.

Finally we are now ready and able to showcase our vast experience and products to the world, having timed our entry right and having it done in the right locations in a strategic and careful way. Our aim is now to execute key projects that will enlighten the world. These key projects will both increase Enlightco‘s recognition around the world but will also add significant value to the company as it gains traction.

Enlightco does not want to be just another light company. With our unique technology we truly believe we can add to the US$ 108 billion dollar market for lighting as we know it today, opening a new window for light solutions that could not be achieved previously. It is because we understand this so well, and our unique and protected technology that we strive to becoming market leaders in this lighting space.

We at Enlightco dream one day of a world that can finally create truly smart lighting solutions, not just so we can „see“, but solutions that will enable us to function and manage our designs of transport methods, advertising, notifications, interiors, safety and aesthetics in a greener and more intelligent way. Finally a light solution that not only acts as a function but as an integration of other aspects in our living and everyday environments that will also improve our quality of life.

After years of hard work and research and development it is imperative that we continue to build upon our existing foundations in a sustainable fashion. Our company group feels excited but also adequately equipped to achieve our goals. We hope you can join us on this exciting journey.

Yours Sincerely,

Enlightco Management Team